The Flow is an experiential cinematic feature-length documentary about the mysterious phenomenon known as being "in the zone" or "The Flow." Through stunning cinematography and a powerful score, The Flow immerses its audience in an authentic and transcendent experience. The Flow features professional athletes, celebrated musicians and freestyle rappers, acting and dance legends, comedians, martial artists and a pantheon of real-life “Jedi masters” who illuminate what being “in the zone” is all about. These flow masters discuss how to achieve miraculous levels of performance through candid interviews that are interwoven with poetic demonstrations of their skill. The Flow traces a profile of its ineffable subject through the realms of these superstars and the realms of the less celebrated world of bike messengers, window washers, and graffiti artists.

To get a full understanding of this phenomenon, the film seeks out the most ancient of traditions that cultivated flow. In China’s remote Wu Yi mountain range, we encounter Taoist master Chungliang “Al” Huang, who reveals that flow is really the art of aligning with Nature’s essential force. The ancients attained mastery through the contemplation of the way of Nature and dedicated themselves to a physical practice. By surrendering to this greater force, they allowed it to work through them. Contemplation reinforces action in The Flow, as scenes of traditional artistry, from calligraphy to archery, are interwoven with breathtaking footage of the natural world, illuminating their common essence.

Returning with this insight to modern life, the film shows our culture in contrast: blocked where it could be fluid, wasting what could be cultivated, forcing what comes naturally. Yet, while humanity hovers on the brink of social and ecological catastrophe, we are also within a hair’s breadth of realizing our inherent capacity to realign in harmony with Nature. The Flow suggests that we may simply need to look at things in a different way. Scientists, spiritual practitioners and the pioneers of the earth-friendly design science of permaculture, show us the potential that is unlocked by accepting what exists, working with Nature, and accessing the power of the present moment. A continuous stream of images, both terrifying and beautiful, reveals what is at stake and ultimately what is possible.

The Flow is a vision of epic scale and timely insight that combines the iconic spirituality of Star Wars with Baraka’s widescreen imagery and sense of wonder. The film rediscovers the ancient truth: that when we are able to "lose ourselves" and dwell completely in the present, the natural genius of the universe works through us. If we're open to it, we can find flow in anything, from pro basketball to making tea, to the migration of the Monarch butterflies. On an individual level, learning to follow the way of Nature leads to mastery and fulfillment. On a planetary level, it may hold the key to the evolution and the very survival of our species. The film leaves its audience profoundly re-oriented, with an inspiring new perspective on our own true Nature and our future on the planet.


Director, Producer & Writer Louis Fox

Executive Producer Maria Florio

Producers Atossa Soltani and Roger M. Mayer

Co-Producer JB Henderson

Sound & Web Guru Ryan Grace