Holy Terror - In The Name of God

Five thousand years ago a small number of people figured out what still remains the best way to exert control over the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time: organized religion. As a unifying force, religion can be a very positive instrument. Its ability to bring people together has never been in question. However, the fact remains that from the very beginning organized religion has been about control.

At the dawn of civilization this power was used to turn small villages into giant cities. Without the power of religion, civilization would not have been born. Today, that power has the potential to destroy everything that civilization has achieved up to this point.

The simple but powerful notion that one religion's God is more legitimate than another's has been enough to cause massive bloodshed and destruction. Here at home, that power is slowly corrupting what is already a fairly tainted political landscape. HOLY TERROR will expose all the ways that organized religion is slowly destroying much of what humanity has achieved in science, politics, and the arts.


An Earthworks Films Production

Written by Michael Scheer & Maria Florio