Big River Man

BIG RIVER MAN is the story of Martin Strel, the world record holding endurance swimmer, and his attempt to be the first person to swim the mighty Amazon River.

Set in the wilds of the Amazon, both tremendous and terrifying, we follow the celebrated Slovenian swimmer 3,393 miles over the course of 75 days, as he embarks upon the longest and most perilous swim in history.

The most famous man in Slovenia is a 53-year-old ex-gambler, who drinks heavily and maintains the girth of his pudgy physique to perfection. He also happens to be our heroic swimmer- not a typical athlete- but a holder of world records regardless.

Martin makes his living selling mattresses on late night television and judging beauty contests throughout Europe. On the side, Martin is a Flamenco guitar teacher and an amateur wine maker who drinks two bottles a day of his own brand of hooch- whether he is battling the great rivers or not!

For all of his eccentricities, Martin's greatness lies in his passion for the environment. The main focus of Martin's desire to achieve this monumental task is to raise global awareness about the rapid deforestation of the Peruvian and Brazilian rainforest regions.


A Self Pictures/Earthworks Films production.

Produced by Maria Florio, Molly Lynch, and John Maringouin.

Directed by John Maringouin.

Executive Producer
Olivia Newton
John Easterling