About Earthworks Films, Inc.

EARTHWORKS FILMS, INC., founded in 1980 by Maria Florio and Victoria Mudd, is dedicated to creating feature documentaries designed to inform and inspire social change.

Our first film, Broken Rainbow, won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Our other films have received numerous awards, benefited society as a whole, and realized a profit. By employing dynamic and engaging visual imagery and content, we illuminate and provide possible solutions to some of the world's most appalling conditions. These topics encompass issues close to home such as corporate hegemony and corruption. Others will involve stories with a universal significance- global exploration- both in human and environmental terms.

Our competitive advantage rests on the experience of our principals. Under their guidance, EARTHWORKS FILMS cutting edge documentaries, focusing on injustices and social issues, have had profitable theatrical runs, domestically and internationally. We would like to expand our efforts to make an even greater impact on our world.

Because documentary’s can be created and marketed on a minimal budget, each film project can become profitable within a few months. The recent financial and social success of our film projects has created an expanded window of opportunity that we want to exploit.

The highest ROI (Return on Investment) in the film and entertainment industry is documentary films. Here is a quote by Catherine Rampell from her article in the New York Times titled Hollywood’s Biggest Bang for Its Buck dated August 9, 2013:

"The genre with the biggest box office R.O.I. was actually documentary, with domestic box office returns averaging 12 times the original production budget, and global returns at nearly 27 times the original budget."

Currently, documentaries realize revenue from several distribution channels, beginning with movie theaters, as seen in the graphic below:

The breakdown looks like this:
Theatrical: 38%
Broadcast: 4%
DVD/VHS: 29%
Educational: 7%
Web: 22%

We are seeking $1,000,000 to produce and market three feature film documentaries per year. These documentaries will add to the company library that will generate revenue for years.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity, or would like to see a summarized financial prospectus, please contact Maria Florio at [email protected]

Earthworks Films Inc.
phone (818) 439-0586

Maria Florio
President/Producer, Director
E: [email protected]


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